Indonesia Sumatra Aceh Gayo Queen Ketiara

Indonesia Sumatra Aceh Gayo Queen Ketiara

#274 | Шавлія | Тим’ян | Темний шоколад | Оцінка 85


This premium coffee is characterized to have an intense bold cup. The dark bittersweet experience that coffee lovers will experience with this particular bean is integrated by dark, chocolate tones with accents of sage and thyme. This strong but exquisite flavor is mixed with the sweetness of butterscotch-like notes. This cup scored in average +/- 85 points.

(Update 07.05.18)


General info

Location: Indonesia > Sumatra > Central Aceh > Takengon Highland

Altitude: 1200-1500 masl

Process: Semi-washed (wet-hulled)

Variety: Bourbon, Typica, Caturra, Catimor

Harvest: September-May

Certification: Fairtrade (ID: 27501) and Organic (CU: 818070)



Queen Ketiara is produce only by Women farmer group.
It is blend from different villages (approximately 5-8 villages).

Our member coffee plantation is located in Central Aceh, in the district of Takengon and Bener Meriah,   urrounding the Lut Tawar Lake. Coffee here is first introduce under the Dutch colonial in the 18th Century.

Our region is surrounding by the Gunung Leuser National Park that straddling the border of North Sumatra and Aceh provinces. It is a habitat of important mamals, birds, primates, and thousand of species of flora. It is also the remaining habitats of Sumatra Orangutans (pongo abelii).

Leuser Ecosystem is currently under significant threats. Wildlife trade, illegal loging, but most of all, is the palm oil industry.

Gayo Sumatra coffee has a range of varieties. First was Jember Typica (S-795) .
Other Typica was Bergandal and Sidikalang. There are also Tim-Tim (which is a hybrida of Arabica and Robusta). Caturra and Catimor are present, sometimes with local names. In our region, we are using wet-hull method or semi-washed method or “Giling Basah” in our languange. It is a combination processed of dry and wet processing.



12-24 hours fermentation process, direct sun dried 2-3 times, and triple pick hand sortation.