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Technical Info

District: Dairi North Sumatra

Location/Town: Sidikalang

Altitude: 1450-1750 Meters from sea level

Temperatures during the day: 23,9 Celcius

Temperatures during the night: 15,8 Celcius

Coffee varieties: Lini S/ Red Caturra (P88)

Soil Type: Volcanic soil, high nutrition

Average rainfall p/y: 2000 mm -2300 mm per year

What kind of Shade trees: lamtoro (luecaena pulverulenta) PG 69 79

Harvest time: October – December (main) | March – May (fly)

Certification: Expired (fair for life IMO)

Farm/Farmer groups: PODA Cooperative

Amount of Farmers: 750 members

Average amount of trees per member: 450

Other crops planted in the area: egplant fruits, chilly, vegetable, potatoes, sweet, and potatoes

Process: Semi-washed coffee (Sumatran Style) – Wet Hulled

Score: 84


Materials and storage:

Number of raised beds: We used constract bed

Where do they store the coffee?
We store coffee at PODA cooperative warehouse and Porcessing



PODA is a coffee cooperative located in the highland of Northern Sumatra. The cooperative is established in 2004. By means of a strong farmer cooperative the goal is to improve the welfare of the society of Dairi Regency through agribusiness development.

PODA is upholding the values: Democratic, Social, Transparency, Honesty, Accountability, Fairness, and has a family spirit.

Since 2012 PODA get support of Agriterra, a Dutch NGO. Several trainings, and advice has been given to build a strong cooperative.

By receiving a grand from ICCO (a Dutch NGO), a greenhouse is been built and a machine for grading has been installed. All processes are done by PODA, and coffee can be sold directly to the buyer.

Our Farmers
Currently PODA has 750 members, who are all situated in the Dairi region. All of them are smallholder farmers, and do not own a land bigger than 1 ha. Beside their coffee trees the farmers grow vegetables like cabbage, pepper, or tomatoes. 300 farmers grow the PODA specialty coffee wherefore the other 450 grow conventional. PODA’s goal is to reach an
amount of 1000 farmer members by the end of December.

Our Coffee
All coffee is produced and processed by the internal PODA standards. The standards refer
to Sustainability in terms of Environment, Economics and Social aspects. PODA ensures
that coffee is produced in a sustainable way, farmers are getting paid a fair price, and
knowledge is been spread. Sidikalang coffee is famous because of its high quality. Out of
450 farmers, 300 farmers produce specialty coffee. Due to the optimal altitude and
cultivation practices these farmers are able to produce the high quality coffee.

The map below shows the Dairi region and the 15 districts. The red circled areas show
where the coffee comes from.

The Relationship between Trabocca and the farm:
We knew Trabocca since 2014. We visited their office at Amsterdam and gave some sample coffee.
They said our coffee is exelence and got 85-88 score.

In 2015 Trabocca visited our farm at Sidikalang Dairi region. Meet some farmers and also cupped
coffee at our minilab. They said our coffee is exelence and wanted to buy.

On 2016, we have contracted with Trabocca and shipped 9 tons. After arriving at Amsterdam, they
appreciated much our good coffee.


Some challenges :
To continue and keep a high quality of coffee from PODA cooperative
To negociate with buyer to buy more and more coffee from PODA
To give good price to farmers so that they will continue to produce a good quality of coffee.
To find loan from another institution to buy more coffee from members.
To build partnership with committed buyer so that they can also have responsibility to support
farmers through training and education


Offered by Trabocca