Kenya Iria-ini Kamunyaka

Kenya Iria-ini Kamunyaka

Technical info

Region: Nyeri Town District in the Southern part of the famous Mt. Kenya.

Name Cooperative: Iria-ini Farmers’ Co-operative Society

Name of Factory: Kamunyaka Factory

Actual farm/coop size (hectares): About 120 tonnes of cherry per year

Number of producers/growers: About 165 persons

Altitude: 1700-1800 masl

Soil type: Rich Volcanic Sandy Soil

Flowering period: Between February and March

Harvest period: Between October to December

Shipping Period: Between March and April

Average rainfall: 1500mm

Average annual temperatures: 14-25 degrees

VarietySL34, SL28

Process: Fully washed and sundried

Cup profile: Round, complex and sweetish



Farm or Region History / Background
IRIAINI, the society name is a Kikuyu word meaning “along the Lake” to ease the access for the water both for human and livestocks use. Tourist attraction is found in Nyeri Town and Aberdare Ranges.

Farm / Estate Processing Techniques
Fermentation done with Fresh River Water and then sundried on raised beds.