Colombia Jose Antonio Lopez

Colombia Jose Antonio Lopez

#459 | Малина | Апельсин | Солодкість коричневого цукру | Молочний шоколад | Оцінка 85,5


General info:

Origin: Colombia

Region: Sumapaz Bajo, Narino

Owner: Jose Antonio Lopez

Altitude: 1980 masl

Variety: Colombia, Castillo

Process: Washed

Harvest: MAY – AUG

Shipment: MAY – SEP



This micro lot comes from the Narino department which sits to the South-East of Cauca and borders Ecuador. It has a really varied climate according to altitude – it can be extremely hot and humid in the Pacific plains but high in the mountains temperatures drop dramatically. Coffee grows here at some of the highest altitudes in Colombia, with some areas reaching 2200 metres above sea level.  The small town of Buesaco is known for its quality of coffee producing lots that have placed in the cup of excellence in Colombia. The small holders here typically produce a washed that undergoes fermentation for 12-16 hours before being dried on rooftops or in parabolic driers for 8-14 days weather depending.

The 5-hectare farm has been in Jose’s family for the past 14 years and he moved to the farm to be closer to his family and began producing coffee. He has learned about the need for attention to detail and the potential that he can improve his income with access to the specialty coffee market. He looks to improve his post- harvest practises and improve the infrastructure on his small farm as well as have intercropping on his farm with orange trees providing shade for the coffee. His is passionate about coffee and wants to pass on his knowledge to his children so they can keep the tradition. During the harvest when the ripe cherry is collected they are then pulped and left to ferment in tanks for 24 hours with water. From here the coffee is then dried for between 10-15 days in parabolic driers to help maintain create a stable drying environment for the coffee.