General Info:​


Trader: InterAmerican Coffee

Origin: Tanzania

Region: Kilimanjaro

Temperatures: 10-30 ° C day / night, Summer and Winter

Precipitation: average 1.400mm per year

Short rainy season: October to December

Long rainy season: March to June

Climate zone: Influenced by the microclimate from Kilimanjaro Mountain.

Altitude: 1050 – 1400 meters

Soil: earthy, fertile, volcanic soil, with good drainage properties

Water supply: glacier and rain-fed rivers

Topography: slightly hilly landscape

Variety: Bourbon, Kent

Process: Fully Washed


The Kilimanjaro Plantation is located on the rich savannahs underlying Mt. Kilimanjaro with altitudes from 1050 to 1400 meters above sea level. It benefits from red volcanic soil, a constant water source from glaciers and rain fed rivers and springs, and a unique mountain climate due to its proximity to the “Roof of Africa”.

These exceptional environmental conditions combined with state-of-the art technology, coffee expertise and attention to quality allows the Kilimanjaro Plantation to produce one of the finest sun-dried Genuine Kilimanjaro Fully Washed Arabica coffees. Their focus on quality also extends to their commitment to sustainable production, social, and environmental practices.