Kenya Makwa


Імпортер: CMG

Країна: Кенія

Регіон: Kiambu (before 2010 Thika District)

Кооператив: Makwa Estate

Грунт: Volcanic Sandy Soil

Середні опади: 1600mm

Середні температури: 14-28 degrees

Різновид: SL28, R11

Висота вирощування: 1590 masl

Про каву:

Farm or Region History / Background 

Makwa estate coffee is a high grown top quality coffee from the slopes of the Aberdare Mountains in the central highlands of Kenya, just south of the Equator. These coffees are known in Kenya as ‘THIKA’ origins. The estate produces about 120 tons of coffee per year on 92 hectares of land.

History: The focus of coffee production on Makwa has always been high quality and for this they have chosen Tropical Farm management as their management agents.

The owners Chania Location Mwahota Ikai Co. LTD have devoted their fulltime energy to coffee farming since 1975 when they acquired the farm.

Farm / Estate Processing Techniques

Coffee at Makwa is wet Processed. Red ripe cherry is harvested from the fields. This is then disc-pulped immediately (within 6-8 hours of harvest) and fermented to breakdown the mucilage. When fermentation is complete the parchment is washed with clean water, graded and spread onto raised beds for drying. While sun drying all defective beans are removed by hand.