Kenya Kagongo


Importer: CMG

Trader: Bero

Країна: Kenya

Регіон: Baragwi

Різновид: SL 28, SL 34, Batian, Ruiru 11

Висота: 1400

Обробка: Washed

Про каву:

Farm or Region History / Background


The Baragwi FCS is the biggest society in Kenya. Today, they operate 12 washing stations and have over 15,000 members. Having implemented all the same processing methods on all the factories enables them to produce excellent quality. All
the factories are equipped with tiles on the washing channels. Moreover, they are replacing the wooden drying tables with more efficient metal ones.


Farm / Estate Processing Techniques


The cherries are sorted before being pulped. The parchment is then fermented overnight, before
being washed and graded into P1, P2, P3, P lights and pods. After that, it is dried on the drying tables
for 8-14 days.


Environmental/ Sustainability, Social/Community Development


The factory managers of the Baragwi FCS work for a different factory every two years. This enables them to share knowledge, and to ensure consistent quality throughout the society.