Kenya Mugaga Kagumoini

Kenya Mugaga Kagumoini


Про каву:​

Importer: CMG

Trader: Ibero Kenya

Країна: Кенія


Кооператив: Mugaga FCS

Станція обробки: Kagumoini

Різновид: SL 28, SL 34, Batian, Ruiru 11

Висота: 1648 masl

Обробка: Fully washed

Грунт: Clay loam soil

Цвітіння: February – April

Врожай: October – January

Farm or Region History / Background
The Mugaga FCS is located in the heart of Nyeri county. A total of five factories are part of this coop, Kagumoini, Kiamabara, Kieni, Gathuga and Gatina.

Farm / Estate Processing Techniques
The farmers are handpicking the cherries before delivering them. After the pulping, the parchment is fermented for 12-24 hours without water. Once the fermentation has finished, the parchment is washed and graded into P1, P2, P3 and P lights. The P1 and P2 are then soaked overnight before they are put on the drying beds for 10-15 days.

Environmental/ Sustainability, Social/Community Development
The cooperative organizes regular farmer trainings at the factories. They use the water from the nearby Ruiru stream. While processing, the water is recirculated, in order to