Kenya Thirikwa

Technical info

Country of Origin Kenya

Region / Area Kirinyaga County, between the western slopes of Mt. Kenya
and the eastern slopes of the Aberdares.

Name of Farm / Cooperative Thirikwa Farmers’ Co‐operative Society Limited

Actual Farm / Coop size 265 hectares

Estimated Annual Production 45,000 kg of cherry

Number of Producers / Growers About 180 persons

Minimum Altitude (metres above sea level) 1800m
Maximum Altitude (metres above sea level) 2050m

Soil Type Rich Volcanic Sandy Soil

Flowering Period Between February and April
Harvest Period Between October and December
Shipping Period Between February and May

Average Rainfall (mm) 1600mm
Average Annual temperatures Average low: 12 degrees centigrade
Average high: 25 degrees centigrade

Certification Body ‐

Varietal (and % if blended) Arabica SL 34, SL 28, Ruiru 11 and Batian

Process Fully washed and sundried

Cup Profile Top Kenyan Coffee

Cupping Score Internal Comments: good acidity, full smooth body and a complex
aromatic flavour with citrus, blackcurrant, winey and honey notes.

Farm or Region History / Background

The name Thirikwa is derived from the administrative location
called Thirikwa, which is in Kirinyaga County.

Farm / Estate Processing Techniques 

Fermentation done with Fresh River Water from various streams
flowing from Mt. Kenya and the Aberdares.