Colombia La Sierrita

Colombia La Sierrita

General Info:​


Trader: The Coffee Quest

Origin: Colombia

Region: Giraldo, Antioquia

Washing Station: Giraldo

Variety: 70% Caturra, 30% Castillo

Altitude: 1750-2150 masl

Process: Washed


Café la Sierrita is our newest high quality group-blend and a direct result from setting up our own buyng station in the remote mountain village of Giraldo, Antioquia. Our cuppers select each tiny micro-lot that comes into our buying station and carefully combine various lots to produce a balanced and sweet coffee with notes of white grape, plum and baclava, the famous Turquish pastry. The coffee has a medium acidity and a juicy body. Because of its sweetness, it is suitable for all preparation methods.

Giraldo is a small remote village that, for years, has enjoyed some fame in the Colombian coffee scene as a hidden gem. We’ve been buying our café Exótico here for years, but by opening our own buying station we’ve been able to tap into the vast variety of beautiful coffees this mountain region has to offer. The secret of Giraldo is the abundance of traditional varieties like Caturra and Typica and the high elevation. (1700-2150 m.a.s.l.). Tropical updrafts from the deep Cauca River valley (500 m.a.s.l.) generate a micro-climate benefitting the high-altitude coffee fields.

We actively support farmers to improve their post-harvesting techniques and protection methods against pests like coffee rust, to prevent conversion to less interesting rust-resistant varieties. We pay a fixed price that is 30-40% higher than the current market price. So the farmers of café la Sierrita know they’ll receive a fair price that helps them to sustain their coffee business and
will hopefully motivate their children to continue with coffee in the future. Café la Sierrita is a beautiful high-end base-coffee for espresso and house blends. But can be enjoyed as a single origin pourover as well.