Rwanda Kinazi


Importer: CMG

Trader: Volcafe

Країна: Rwanda

Регіон: Ruhango

Різновид: Red Bourbon

Висота: 1520 – 1700 masl

Обробка: Natural Anaerobic

Про каву:

Emmanuel Rusarita founded Baho Coffee in the early 2000s. His choice of name means a lot: “Baho” is a very common word in Rwanda to comfort friends and family going through a tough time. Coming from a family with roots in coffee, he has established his company on a philophy: “Through coffee, people of different cultures become one community.” Baho Coffee operates washing stations around the country and benefits from strong relationships with the local producers. This connection to local traditions and cultures inspires them to develop new experimental processes or varieties.


Humure is a washing station that deserves particular attention. Located in the Gatsibo District, in the Eastern Province, the washing station is entirely managed by women. They process the coffee cherries from the surrounding farmers in a traditional and environment-friendly manner: they are very conscious of the amount of water they use when washing and rinsing the cherries, and have created a recycling system that pumps the water back to the hill.