Brazil São Silvestre

General Info:​


Producer: Capim Branco & Sao Silvestre

Trader: Tomas Stehl

Origin: Brazil

Region: Serra do Salitre – MG – Cerrado Mineiro;

Plantation/Farm: São Silvestre;

Producer: Ismael Jose de Andrade;

Altitude: 1200 Meters;

Harvest: 06/26/2018;

Certification: UTZ e Rainforest;

Processing: Natural;

Fermentation time: 36 hours of controlled fermentation;

Drying time: 18 days drying on raised beds conditioned in a greenhouse, and 60 days resting before the milling process;

Variety: Yellow Icatú


The surroundings are amazing, the local scenery is a place where you can stand and have your head cleared for an instant. You can admire the landscape and the extent of the plantations, it is really beautiful.

The soil, the fresh air, the climate it all produces the coffee that we all like so much. But nothing would be possible if we didn’t work as a team, we are a family of coffee producers, and we have selected our team to make sure that they would put as much effort into it as we do.

So when nature and the team come together we have an incredible place that not only produces socially and environmentally responsible specialty coffees, but that adds members to our family, making the farm an welcoming home to everyone.