Ethiopia Kaffa Columbus Monkey

Ethiopia Kaffa Columbus Monkey


Importer: CMG

Trader: Falcon Coffees

Exporter: S.sara Coffee Export Enterprise

Країна: Ethiopia

Регіон: Kaffa Zone, Gimbo district

Різновид: 74110 and 74112

Висота: 1800 – 2000

Обробка: Natural

Про каву:

The company owns a coffee farm in kefa zone, gimbo distict, at a place called woka araba, south west ethiopia. The farm is found 10 kms north of wush-wush town. The altitude ranges between 1800-2000 meters above sea level, making the farm ideal place to produce high quality beans.

The rain season extends from march to mid-november with the average rainfall of 1800mm. The total area of the farm is 459 hectare. At this very moment only 200 ha is well cultivated, the rest is under cultivation. The farm is divided in to four agronomic parts. The first 200 hectare and the second 100 are well covered with matured and with young coffee trees respectively. In the third 25 hectare mixed farming practice is undergoing with coffee trees together with black pepper spice. The remaining land is under cultivation.

Like other coffee farms in west ethiopia the farm is dominated and growing under shade with evergreen big canopy tropical trees, species giving the farm multi canopy structure. Under the canopy of the big trees there are varieties of other tree like species, herbaceous plants, different kinds of spices, ferns and all kind of plant life forms. A spice like cardamom grows as a weed under coffee canopy.

This natural vegetation helps the coffee trees to utilize the rich minerals beyond top soil with their deep roots and add these minerals to the top soil through litter fallen leaf decomposition. Thus the coffee plantation easily utilizes these available organic nutrients. This natural way of nutrient cycle maintains the fertility and precipitation of the soil. The system is very suitable and no need to apply any kind fertilizer. As there is high temperature and precipitations all year round, there is high biomass production. Thus weeding is done at least 6 times annually.

 the soil type of our coffee farm is reddish, sandy loam which is well drained and suitable for coffee cultivation. Since the area is covered with equatorial forest, the soil is deep and rich in organic matter. The area is known for its mineral rich, gold rich soils that some say god give seid damtew coffee’s distinctive flavor.

Currently we are producing sun dried coffee only. The hulling machine and the store are built within the farm. After hulling, the semi processed product is transported to addis ababa for further cleaning to exportable standard. This final process is done at central ware house located in addis ababa.