Guatemala Rodolfo Jeromino

Guatemala Rodolfo Jeromino


Importer: CMG

Trader: Caravela

Країна: Guatemala

Регіон: Chiquimula

Виробник: Rodolfi Jeronimo Solis

Висота: 1200 – 1500


Про каву:

Rodolfo Jerónimo has been growing coee on the farm for 32 years. This is something he learned from his grandfather; he originally just saw it as a profitable economic activity but now sees it as his family legacy. Finca El Cañon del Matasano is named after white sapote trees common in the region, known in Spanish as “Matasano”, the trees are found in the lowest part of the farm. Just two years ago, Rodolfo made a commitment to start processing his production as specialty coee, after learning about Caravela’s technical assistance program. During harvest times, all the work is done as a family, while Rodolfo supervises the pickers, his sons Henry and Rodolfo help him process the coee in the washing station and oversee the drying process. As a producer, he is motivated by earning a better income not only to support his family, but also to maintain quality and consistency of what he does, year after year. For Rodolfo, what makes his coee special is that he has spent a lifetime working on it and is now proud to plant and sell a variety like Pacamara. In his own words, “I am grateful to coee and hope that roasters will maintain the quality throughout their processes, making the people who drink it happy”.