Costa Rica La Candelilla Estate Monte Canet

Costa Rica La Candelilla Estate Monte Canet





FARMERS: Mario Solis

REGION: Tarrazú

MICRO REGION: Canet , San Marcos

PRODUCTION: 170 bags


Variety: Caturra, Catuai, Geisha

WET PROCESS: Semi-Washed

DRY PROCESS: Patios and African beds



The Producer is Mario Solís and in this farm the coffee production was started by his father, Jaime Solís, in 1942, that is, 60 years ago, from the beginning Don Mario has cultivated coffee with all the effort and effort to have a small farm in a micro region. of Tarrazú in which the climatic conditions, the height and above all the way Don Mario attends his coffee plantation allow him to produce an excellent quality coffee which is complemented with the process that is done in the La Candelilla Beneficio.

The harvest on the farm occurs between the months of December to March of each year in the summer season which allows 100% mature coffee to be harvested. It is a farm where Mario establishes good agricultural practices as a norm, which allows him to have a totally sustainable a finca.

During the last years Don Mario has planted a small geisha area which will allow him to harvest 12-13 additionally 2 bags of Geisha Monte Canet.