Kenya Rwama Muburi

Kenya Rwama Muburi

Technical info

Altitude: 1600 masl


Location: Rwama Village, Gichugu division, Kirinyaga County

Cup Score88

Harvest: OCT – NOV

Shipment: FEB – JUN

VarietySL28 & SL34

Owner: Cooperatively owned



Muburi factory is located in the village of Rwama, in the Gichugu division in Kirinyaga County.
The nearest big town is Kianyaga (approximately 5km away), which is itself a couple of hours drive from the capital Nairobi.

The annual rainfall in the area is approximately 1,900 mm, divided in two rainy seasons. The altitude at the factory is 1,600 metres.

Muburi has a total of 1,080 active members and is a part of the Rwama Cooperative Society.
The cooperative has another factory called Muthigi-Ini, which has another 1,700 smallholder farmer members. As is typical of this region, over 80% of all annual production is main crop,
which means it is harvested between October and January. Coffee farmers in the area also cultivate maize, bananas and macadamia on their smallholdings.


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