Kenya Kibirigwi Ngugi-ini

Kenya Kibirigwi Ngugi-ini

Technical info

Altitude: 1650 masl

Preparation: Washed

Location: Ngugu-ini Village, Kirinyaga District

Cup Score: 90

Harvest: OCT – NOV

Shipment: FEB – JUN

Variety:  SL28 & SL34

Owner:  Cooperatively owned



Ngugu-ini Factory is part of the Kibirigwi Cooperative Society, together with another 8 washing stations: Ragati, Mukangu, Kiangai, Kibingoti, Thunguri, Kianjege, Chewa and Kibirigwi. While
the society is registered in Karatina Town (part of Nyeri), the factory is actually situated on the Ngugu-ini and Kiania Road side of the county line.
The factory has 1,450 active members, while the whole society has over 7,200 smallholder farmers, making it the second largest cooperative in Kirinyaga County.
Their usual coffee production is around 150 MT of clean coffee every year, although this last season production dropped significantly to approx. 95 MT, due to adverse weather conditions
which affected production throughout the country.


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#376 | Абрикос, Персик, Апельсинова квітка, Жимолость, 90