General Info:​


Trader: Falcon Coffees

Exporter: Rwanda Trading Company

Origin: Rwanda

Production: Hulled, graded and sorted at Rwanda Trading Company in Kigali, Rwanda

Soil: Fertile volcanic soil (Humic Acrisols / Humic Ferralsols / Humic Cambisols)

Altitude: 1400 – 1900 meters

Varieties: Bourbon and Typica

Harvest / Shipping Period: March – June / May – December


Inzovu Coffee is composed of a blend of similar cup profiles from coffee washing stations situated across our supply chain of more than 65 washing stations and 80,000 farmers. The blend exemplifies the balance and flavors of Rwanda’s finest coffees and allows for a consistent product year after year.

Inzovu Coffee is produced by smallholder coffee farmers, most of whom have fewer than 300 trees. Farmers who sell their cherries to RTC-owned washing stations have access to agronomy training that teaches them how to grow the highest quality coffee and increase their yields. 

Quality Analysis Average Cup Range = SCAA 82/83, Grade = A, Screen Size = 13 – 18, 90% Screen 15+ Less than 10 secondary defects 

Cupping Notes: Very clean cup with properly-balanced acidity, smooth, mellow body, and a sweet lingering aftertaste.