Uganda Rwenzori Donkey

Uganda Rwenzori Donkey


Імпортер: CMG

Країна: Uganda

Регіон: Rwenzori

Станція митої обробки: Kisinga Coffee Station
Bugoye Coffee Station

Різновид: SL14, SL28, Catimor

Висота вирощування: 1100 – 2200 masl

Період збору врожаю: April – June
Oct. – Jan.

Виробник: Smallholders

Про каву:

A NETWORK OF BUYING STATIONS While the topography allows to build big washing stations (compared to Mount Elgon area for instance), the transport of cherries from the mountain slopes to the washing stations remains a challenge for many farmers. To overcome it, Agri Evolve created 20 Buying Stations, where farmers can deliver and sell their cherries. Each Buying Station is a business run by a farmer, from which Agri Evolve buys the ripe cherries. Instead of owning the whole supply chain, they have put in place an economic structure that fosters self-empowerment and sane competition. Every buying station keeps track of its purchase and make those data available to Agri Evolve. Depending on the quality and the quantity of each delivery, lots are kept separate to create “Buying Station” lots and trace the coffee down the the farmers.


Many coffee farmers live high up on the slopes of the Rwenzori
mountain range, which culminates at more than 5,000 M.A.S.L.
The higher the coffee grows, the more slowly it matures and the more complex the cup profiles are.
To access the farms situated up the mountains off the beaten tracks, Agri Evolve has invested in donkeys which collect the ripe cherries of the farms located in remote areas.
The cherries are kept separate and assembled in “Donkey Lots”, which celebrate the uniqueness and exclusivity of the coffee cherries.